Get A Burst

Get A Burst

Get A Burst

Get A Burst / ellie

(One)In the city
All I hear is silence
(Two)Chasing the target to feel alive, yeah
(Three)Mystery is something I survive for
(Four)Complete the duty to see the light

(Five)Keep your head up
See what is around you
(Six)Watch your back, someone is tracking you
(Start)Game of missions never ends so easy
(Go)Endless game I can’t never leave

Rushing through my blood
I feel for sure
Adrenaline draining in my vein
So this is the feel
Can’t resist it can’t resist it not anymore

You broke my masquerade
You showed me what I am
The fate I shouldn’t have known at all
In the end, I have come to notice the truth is
the tale of this missionary will never be end

This is what I made of
The reason go for it
Let me know this battle’s for promised land
Is it real? Am I dreaming? But I don’t know why
This is my another nightmare
And the story goes